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Return to the Surface is a first-person puzzle-plattform video game. You wake up in an abandoned underground-laboratory and of course your aim is to return to the surface. A robot, named Rusty, leads you the only way through a lot of training chambers. To cross the chambers you get a very special weapon prototype.

That weapon allows you to aim and shoot energy bullets. But unlike normal bullets, these bullets survive the first collision and get reflected. Furthermore there are three different types of energy bullets for the weapon. For each of them you can define a trajectory. Once set, you can walk independently from the trajectory. That allows to shoot three different energy bullets from three different places at the same time. These features are needed to solve the puzzle in the different training chambers.

The training chambers contain different types of Jump&Run elements, enemies, deadly areas and of course a lot of tricky puzzles. Most of them are built around the functionality of the weapon. Since the weapon act not as usual, you must think outside the box to solve the puzzles.


The game supports german and english. The voice of Rusty (the robot on every picture) is in german because we are a german indi game development studio. But you can choose subtitles in both languages.


Criticisms and comments are welcome. Feel free to suggest improvements, changes or anything that came up while playing the game. 

If you found any weird bug or problem, please use the comments below or send an email to info@maltekrone.de or mail@silvan-nuesken.de and please let us know. 

If you are also a developer or a curious person, feel free to ask us how something was made, tools, assets used etc. We will be glad to share what we have learnt so far. You can do this through the same email above.

Thank you for playing and good luck.


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